The Inglorious Funkerz

12/26/2011 (2:50pm) 1 note

74 minutes from our 2 hour set recorded at “A party called Wildstyle” event, 2011.12.23. in OST Klub, Vienna.

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12/23/2011 (2:11pm)

Merry X-Mash!

It was an incredible year for the Funkerz.

We played in several places in several cities (such as Opava, Prague, Graz, Budapest, L’Viv, Sopron…), alongside the most amazing and inspiring musicians of the scene (like The Funkanomics, Badboe, Dirty Dubsters, The Toastbusters, Jayl Funk, Chris Chronsky, Smith & Smart, Stevies Wonderglasses, Mr Dero, Johnny Pluse, Kid Buttons, Darth Phunk, Trashtray…).
Did a special AV Opera at the Balaton Sound festival.
We’re always happy to see our beloved audience go crazy to our audiovisual livemash acts.
More to come in 2012.
Releases from Zenit Incompatible on their way, the tour and the show is go on.

Just wanted to say thank you for all the promoters and organizers, the clubs and our friends.
Of course, thank YOU.

Tonight, we’re gonna do the craziest X-Mash AV set in Vienna at OST Klub.
If you can, don’t miss it - it’s gonna be the greatest x-mas gift ever, also the closure of the year.

We love you all.

Zenit Incompatible & VJ Shadowhand — The Inglorious Funkerz from Hungary

On 23th December we’ll do a pretty special X-Mash party with the family in Vienna at Klub OST.
The lineup is incredible: Dj Trashtray from The Toastbusters; Jiggy Joe; Romano Gemini, Sid Data and of course, Zenit Incompatible & Vj Shadowhand as The Inglorious Funkerz.


[Facebook event]

11/8/2011 (2:02am) 1 note

Next stop: Sopron

Tomorrow. Which is wednesday. At Hangár Music Club. With Bouge. Just sayin’.


Download the official mixtape for the next Butterbar directly from the world famous Dj Trashtray!
Butterbar pres. Smith & Smart w/ Stevie Wonder Glasses, The Inglorious Funkerz, Dj Trashtray - This FRIDAY in Graz at Postgarage!

Don’t miss it!

Back to Graz, but this time for… BUTTERBAR!

Our dreams are finally come true: we’re gonna play with Stevie Wonder Glasses (Farina Miss! Dero! Klumzy Tung!), Smith & Smart, and our beloved friend, the amazing Dj Trashtray at the biggest and baddest party series in our favourite city.

2011.09.23. at Postgarage, Graz.

Watch this space, or our Facebook page for more details about that weekend, because we have a little surprise for you!

Oh… and just for the record: Zenit is working on the brand new (3rd) Funkerz-liveset right now, so it’s gonna be a world premiere - again.

7/22/2011 (11:40am) 4 notes


After 2 cutted minimixes and an EP which contains some tracks from the set, you got the original, very first Inglorious Funkerz live set, recorded live and raw in Kottulinsky Graz, 2010.10.09.
3 hour madness of live mashing up by Zenit Incompatible.

Listen it loud, and share!


This sunday we’ll bring you a very special live A/V set from the most epic cult movie, Pulp Fiction on the Radio BRO stage at Balaton Sound Festival.
The set start at midnight, and Thomas Bernard join us as a dj too.

If you don’t know, what Opera is, check Zenit’s post about it.

5/18/2011 (11:52pm)

Decks And The City & Our Budapest Premiere!